The first edition of

10 Second Tirade” !!!

Listeners can call in and have 10 seconds to say ANYTHING they want to say. Catch the attention of the hosts and get that time extended. Stammer, yammer or just plain ole’ sound silly and you get the countdown clock activated.

The show started off a litt slow — we announced the launch a whole whopping 2 hours before “go time”.

This was the first run – quick stab – shoot from the hip – trial run of “10 Second Tirade” .. Salty and Lexy had a blast. It took most of this first show for callers to grasp the rules and the concept, but by the end – the show ran a little past the expected finish time because callers got in the groove!!!

10 Second Tirade — Say it quick, or CLICK!!

Live on Thursday Night from 9 to 10 PM … If you missed your chance this week, be damn sure to call in NEXT WEEK!!

Don’t just sit there — GET INVOLVED!! Speak Your Mind!!!