10 Second Tirade – June 27th, 2013

Show opened up with a Happy Birthday song dedication to @skinbiscuits from all of his friends on that there Twitter box … =)

Salty rants about terminology used in the 74 page Tsarnaev indictment .
Conjunction Junction what’s that function – a sing along.
“LASER” and “TASER” … Air Quotes now mandatory!
Lexy gives a “how to” lesson in parking lot ass whippin’.
Scott has a tirade about scammers on Craigslist.
Sean used a big word – And shortly after – sings a show tune!
Buzzy meets another trucker at a truck stop, who was hitch-hiking.
Sean gets Scolded by Jenn!!
Kevin called in too – but, we couldn’t hear him for the first half of his call…