This is the very first show for Therapeutic Release!  Jennie Cross is back in action as the host of this two hour therapy session that happens every Sunday 5-7PM EST.  She is joined by her co-host Eric to give the male perspective on things that may need to be addressed.  In this first Chapter of the show we get into our therapy early.  Blind Lawrence and Four Toed Jones had a semi- therapeutic release when they managed to bury the hatchet on an issue they have had for quite a few weeks now!  The rest of the first hour is Jennie and Eric paving the mood and the way for the show to come.  In the second our Frank Castle and Mr. Burns of Heistclick join us on the phone to talk about music, touring, and typical rockstar hijinks!  Michelle Castle was supporting her rockstar in the background too.  We also get into how Jennie set up an OK Cupid profile and the interesting responses she received from other users of the site!