So last night Alex Jones of and was a “guest” on Piers Morgan! Guest is a hard word to say, he was more of a General of words. He went in, controlled the conversation, and spewed out as many facts of truth as he could. Did his demeanor show a sane, well balanced person? No, it didn’t. Being involved in this battle myself for the last 4 yrs, I can see how 17+ years of fighting the Global Elite could drive you to burst of rage! I was very impressed with the amount of info he got out, and defiantly enjoyed it when he broke out into the British accent! AJ does a great job at being a conspiracy shock jock! That is what he is and he has woken up hundreds of thousand people, me being one! Like him or not, we need him out there doing his thing!! I for one would like to say “Thank you Alex Jones!”