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No one ended up dead, so the gun haters won’t include it in the official score.

A would-be stun-gun robber outside a Concord bank was in for a shock of his own Monday when a local business owner pulled a real gun on the suspect.

Our hero was Gary Spencer, 36, of Spencer’s Extreme Cleaning Services. (Warning, music autoplays) He saw the robbery in progress and pulled the gun out of his wife’s purse to intervene.

“He didn’t get the money, and I didn’t have to shoot anybody,” Spencer said, relieved. “The good citizens actually got to take one home yesterday. It felt good to help somebody out, you know, out there in the world.”

The victim’s injuries were described as “minor” in the incident report, but Spencer said he looked pretty rough after Monday’s stun gun assault.

“That thing was tearing him up,” he said. “I wouldn’t never want to get touched by one of those things.”

He said the victim was thankful the incident didn’t escalate further.

The man got to keep his money, and “the suspect who came with the stun gun left with less than he came with,” Spencer said.

Good on you, Mr. Spencer.

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