When I look for a good head set to do yard work, or work out with, I quite frequently seek out a comfort fit, with tight bass, a good battery life, and an affordable price. This is precisely what I have found with the Avantree Hive headphones, found at www.mobilefun.com .

Standing at a meager 180 grams worth of weight, the Avantree Hive Headphones have an ample over-the-ear, stylish look. The headphones feel comfortable, but they do not hug your ears like some high-end headphones do. They tend to still sit on top of your ear, instead of wrapping around it.

Unwrapping the box, you get the feeling from this product like it might be a high-end product, but you know you paid less than 20% of the price of the leading expensive headsets, yet you have problems figuring out quite why.

In the casing you find a male to male headphone cord, which allows the headphones to act not only as a bluetooth set, but a corded set as well for any 3.5mm compatible headphone jack (almost every jack for audio there is on modern electronics).

The headphones lasted for hanging by the pool, cutting the grass, and then hanging by the pool again, through roughly 7 hours worth of time. The bass was deep, the volume loud, precisely what I demand out of a headset.

To my suprise, the phone rang halfway through, and I immediately thought: “These have no microphone sticking down, I have to pick up the phone.” However, when I picked up the phone I quickly learned that indeed there is a microphone built in on the side of the unit that actually has a pretty good pick up. I talked while doing yard work with no issues. From a budget head set, I was flabbergasted.

All in all, you simply can not go wrong with Avantree Hive Bluetooth Headphones. In the highest classes of head sets, these compete. In the affordable ($37.99) class of head phones, these destroy the competition.

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