Sometimes a punch flying directly at your face can be an amazing opportunity. Think Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, where Ali artfully dodged an onslaught of vicious blows meant to decapitate him. Frazier eventually punched himself out and Ali remained champion. No one would ever seriously compare House speaker John Boehner to Joe Frazier; Frazier had talent, heart, and guts, but in this one instance the analogy is fitting. Boehner must have believed that removing Justin Amash from his position on the house finance committee would be a crushing blow to the growing dissention born from the libertarian rise in the grand old party. What he actually did was prove the blow-back theory and give Mr. Amash more freedom to continue voting his conscience and buck the establishment. Boehner is representative of the old guard big government republican, and this desperate tantrum may be the meteor that killed the dinosaur…or wooly mammoth if you prefer.



Boehner’s move was an obvious move to thwart the Ron Paul revolution by silencing the one voice left in the House of Representatives who would continue to speak to and grow the movement Dr. Paul started. It was meant to be the kind of preemptive strike the establishment is so fond of, and it should result in the same obvious to everyone who pays attention result that usually follows, a full scale war. For so many years Ron Paul fought the establishment, for most of his career though, he brought rocks to a nuclear war. Justin Amash, a freshman from Michigan starts out on more equal footing. He has something that Ron Paul didn’t have until late in his career, a large vocal young group of Ron Paul supporters.



The beautiful irony is that the speaker’s attempt to purge the voice of liberty from the supposed party of limited government is that it could result in self eradication. No one knows how the establishment’s assault will end, but everyone should be aware of the possibilities and Ron Paul/Justin Amash supporters should embrace the gift of opportunity speaker Boehener has presented them.