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"something" spewing from tanks on jet, but not from the engines. Imagine a world where the skies do not reign milky white or inky black death from the sprayers on specially fitted airplanes. They you would have to imagine a world without Chemtrails.

Although long denied, governments now admit that Chemtrails are “JUST” weather modification activity, although they are, in reality, one of the mechanisms designed to cut off your genetic line. The Genomicidal Technologies, first identified by General Bert, are there to make you sick, less fertile and get rid of you so that the human population will crash. You see, Genome Disruption is not just what happens to you when you are subjected to GMO’s novel proteins, ionizing radiation from Fukushima, toxic metals from Chemtrails and similar sources, vaccine, drug and industrial toxins. It is what happens to your genetic present and future if we allow the literally insane Genocidal Globalist Elite to get their way.

Chemtrails are part of an aerial spraying program that appears to be a secret government program or series of programs. Chemtrail poisoning appears to be implicated in Morgellon’s Disease, a horrid condition perhaps caused by the heavy metals, synthetic DNA, GNO viruses, and the other toxins found in chemtrail poisoning. Chemtrails are also poisoning our soil, water and air with arsenic, beryllium, aluminum and a host of synthetic “life forms”. Come with me through the Chemtrail door to learn more and learn what you can do to take back the skies and end the destruction of our planet.