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The Guardian put up a clip yesterday from the Hicks family archive showing previously unreleased footage of a Bill Hicks standup routine from 1993 at the Comedy Corner in Florida, shot just months before he died of pancreatic cancer at age 32.

The online news site describes the clip as Hicks riffing on religious cult, but the description should have been based on what Hicks says in the last half of the clip: “The Branch Davidians did not start the fire. They were murdered in cold blood by the p*ssies, the liars, the scumbags — the ATF.”

The Guardian does not allow their videos to be embedded, but click here to watch.

For five months during 1993, the government had a standoff with the Branch Davidians at their compound in Waco that ultimately ended in the deaths of over 80 men, women and children.

Earlier that same year, Hicks went out to the compound with Kevin Booth and shot the following video:

What happened over 20 years ago at Waco not only left a big impression on Hicks, but on the world.

It wasn’t just about what was done to the Davidians themselves; it was about the use of propaganda and everything from media misinformation to outright government lies to steer the public opinion at large into accepting a new level of tyranny from the American government.

For more on what went down at the Waco siege, check out this documentary Waco: The Rules of Engagement: