As second horror story emerges, doctors face being banned from practicing medicine

Steve Watson
Nov 7, 2013

Earlier this week we covered the story of an innocent New Mexico man who was forced to endure 14 hours of enforced anal probing at the hands of doctors, on the orders of cops looking for narcotics, and was then billed by the medical center. It has now emerged that this was not an isolated incident, and that ANOTHER person was treated the exact same way in the same medical center.

In October, Timothy Young was pulled over by cops in Lordsburg, N.M for not using his blinker. According to police reports, the same drug sniffing dog that featured in David Eckert’s ordeal, described above, again reacted in Mr Young’s case.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 reports that Young was immediately taken to the same hospital, the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, and just like Eckert, was subjected to anal exams and x-rays of his stomach, without giving his consent.

The examinations again turned up nothing, and it again turned out that the “search warrant” obtained by the cops was issued in a different county to where the medical exams took place.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 also reports that the drug sniffing dog’s certification expired in 2011 and was never renewed. The law states that drug dogs must be re-certified every year.

“We have done public requests to find anything that would show this dog has been trained, we have evidence that this dog has had false alerts in the past,” David Eckert’s attorney Shannon Kennedy said.

The medical center faces the possibility of hefty fines, with the doctors in question scheduled to face the state licensing board, which may revoke their licenses to practice medicine.

The police officers involved in Young’s case will face a law enforcement disciplinary board, while in Eckert’s case all involved are staring a weighty lawsuit in the face.

This second case indicates that police are conducting this procedure as a matter of routine when a drug sniffing dog reacts to anyone they stop.

Indeed, we have covered several disturbing stories of innocent people being forced to undergo cavity searches at the hands of police who have no authority, flagrantly violating the Constitutional rights of Americans.