SSRI connection to mass shootings ignored by media

Paul Joseph Watson
January 8, 2013

While the establishment media continues to blame the Sandy Hook massacre on the second amendment, the clear connection between psychotropic drugs and mass shootings continues to be buried. Newly obtained court filings in the murder case against James Holmes show that police seized four bottles of prescription drugs from the ‘Batman’ shooter’s home shortly after the Aurora massacre.
Court Filing: Cops Seized Prescription Meds Belonging to Batman Shooter 080113holmes

The story has been covered by the Denver Post but has received little attention elsewhere as the press instead continues to obsess about gun control in the build up to draconian gun ban legislation set to be introduced later this month by Senator Dianne Feinstein.

“Aurora police seized four prescription bottles and immunization records when they searched theater-shooting suspect James Holmes’ apartment in July, according to newly obtained filings in the murder case against Holmes,” reports the Denver Post.

However, the documents are heavily redacted and the exact identity of the drug has been withheld.

Given the fact that Holmes was under psychiatric care before the shooting, it’s almost certain that the drugs found were some form of anti-depressant or SSRI, which have repeatedly been linked with mass shootings in recent years.

There has also been a complete lack of inquiry on behalf of the mass media as to whether Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook school shooter, was on any form of medication, despite the fact that Louise Tambascio, a family friend of the shooter and his mother, told 60 Minutes, “I know he was on medication and everything….I knew he was on medication, but that’s all I know.”

As World Net Daily’s David Kupelian asks, “It has been more than three weeks since the shooting. We know all about the guns he used, but what “medication” may he have used? So, what is the truth? Where is the journalistic curiosity? Where is the follow-up? Where is the police report, the medical examiner’s report, the interviews with his doctor and others?”

As this article from CCHR demonstrates, anti-psychotic drugs are a hallmark of mass shooters, but you won’t see any call in the mainstream media to see them banned, despite the fact that even gun control advocates like Michael Moore have admitted the clear connection.

From Columbine killers Harris and Klebold, to Oregon shooter Kip Kinkel, almost every mass shooter in the world over the last fifteen years has been on some form of psychotropic drug, the inserts of which admit that the medication can cause violence and suicide.

During last night’s fiery debate on CNN, radio host Alex Jones challenged gun control advocate Piers Morgan to talk about the clear connection between psychotropic drugs and mass shootings, but Morgan refused to address the issue.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.