This entire episode was all about Law enforcement and their abuse of power.  We talked about Elizabeth Daily’s arrest whom was charged with 3 felonies for doing nothing.  We also go over a story of a cop harassing a young woman and having her shake her bra out for him at a traffic stop.  In the second hour we are joined by Michael Shaner to discuss many instances from prescription meds to Jury Nullification.  In the third hour we hear from a friend of Dave’s, Bryan Melland, a storm chaser who teamed up with Sean to talk about FourToed’s favorite, chemtrails! We also hear some interesting stories about people being stopped in traffic by police during extreme tornado conditions resulting in death.  The last hour was jam packed with talks of radar, HAARP, and chemtrails, and the possibility that Dave may one day believe that chemtrails might actually be more than his mind has cracked them up to be.