KANSAS CITY — Anthony Bruno, a six-year veteran firefighter hailed as “courageous and dedicated” by his Chief, has now died after being shot in the chest by a police officer.

Bruno was a six-year third-generation firefigther who had been with the fire department since 2008, praised by his chief and his peers.

Tragically, the killing happened just hours after Bruno was married, destroying the future he and his new wife had planned.

Bruno, who was in his 20′s, leaves behind his wife, his family, and his fellow firefighters.

Bruno had been out celebrating his marriage with friends and family, according to reports.

He and his wife Stephanie Steele were in a taxi on their way to a hotel and began disputing the fare with the taxi driver.

The driver threw money at Bruno’s wife, who was still in her wedding dress, and called her a name – and this caused the husband to punch the driver, according to local news.

“She said during the argument, she stated that the cab driver threw the money she had given him back toward her near her face and called her an unknown name,” the report says. 

Shortly therafter Officer Donald Hubbard approached Bruno.

Bruno tried to avoid officer Hubbard and a chase began.

The officer finally caught up to Bruno and tried to arrest him, and that’s when Bruno began fighting the officer.


Bruno was in his 20s and leaves behind his new wife, his sisters, and his parents.

According to reports, Bruno ended up on top of officer Hubbard, striking him in the face.

“He was hit pretty hard and repeatedly during the fight,” police spokesman Tye Grant said.

That’s when officer Hubbard pulled out his gun and shot Bruno in the chest, killing him, according to reports.

Bruno was unarmed.

Yet Hubbard, who was hospitalized with swelling to his face, claims that he feared for his life.

It is believed that local security cameras captured the event.

The public and investigators are waiting for that footage to be released to determine exactly what occurred.

“Friends and family of the Kansas City Fire Department remember Anthony Bruno of Fire Station 17 as a courageous and dedicated firefighter,” said fire department Chief Berardi.

John Bruno, Anthony’s father, said that the family would be issuing a statement soon. He said that the family is absolutely devastated.

“Our heart goes out to the brand new wife and family,” said Fire Department spokesman James Garrett.

UPDATE 02/26/14 — Video released.

Footage shows the cop starting the aggression against the firefighter, who was on the ground.

After the cop became more aggressive, it appears that Bruno began defending himself.

Eventually Bruno gained the upperhand in the fight and the cop lost. At that point the cop pulled his gun out and shot Bruno to death.

The cop claims he “feared for his life.”

But a witness watching the incident said the cop started a situation he “wasn’t prepared for” and ended it by taking Bruno’s life on the night of his wedding.

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