By Alexander Bolton

Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Republican from Texas, says he wishes Dawn Hochsprung, the principal of the Sandy Hook Elementary School, was armed with an M-4 assault rifle when she confronted Adam Lanza, the shooter who killed 20 children.

“I wish to God she had an M-4 in her office locked up so when she heard gunfire she pulls it out and she didn’t have to lunge heroically with nothing in her hands but she takes him out, takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids,” Gohmert said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

Dawn Hochsprung, Sandy Hook’s principal, was reportedly killed when she confronted Lanza after he forced his way into the school.

The M-4 carbine is a smaller version of the M-16 and AR-15 assault rifles. It was developed for urban combat and its semi-automatic version, which is available to civilians, can fire 45 rounds per minute.

Lanza was armed with a semi-automatic M-4 Bushmaster rifle and two semi-automatic handguns, a Glock and a Sig Sauer.

Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, Connecticut’s chief medical examiner, said all of the victims at the school were killed by a “long gun” rifle, suggesting the Bushmaster was the murder weapon.

Gohmert said the founding fathers wanted the public to be armed to resist government tyranny.

“It ensures against the tyranny of the government if they know that the biggest army is the American people, then you don’t have the tyranny that came from King George,” Gohmert said in reference to King George III, the king of England during the American Revolution.

Gohmert warned that restricting gun rights, such as outlawing assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, could go too far.

“Once you start drawing the line, where do you stop,” he said.