The show opens to Marilyn manson the gates with a volume problem on my end..jimmy is in the co pilots seat and johnny is taking the navigation..i bring up the idea of stereo typing and how we all do it with out even relizing it…then we loose connection but on the replay it is all there…basicly we just sit around and bullshit and be rednecks..but the highlight of the day is interveiwing Jeff Mugget.. this was a really good time the life that opened up with no notice..he is a easy man to talk with..there are only certin areas of the book he won’t touch is the diaries…but all the rest is fair game..i took the interview to a diffrent place more to his personal side of it…we bring up that it is the 35th birthday for star wars and that went know where but hey we are learning radio and well if i had a perment co host with a personality it would be a great time..don’t take that wrong cause jimmy adds a speical something t5o the show..(anyone got a extra helmet) lmao…just sit back dont expect to much and you won’t be dissapointed….lmfao bye
P.S. if it is misspelled fuck it