Segment 1

Started the show with my mic still on the effects..yep allegdly burned a wheel….(someone needs to learn the board)…forogot jimmy’s mic again.
Jimmy starts the show off by telling a story about how his ex showed for a game of cards with her sugar daddy…(still have effect on the mic lol ). sugar daddy was old..when i dropped jimmy off at his house guess who was showing up..we will hit that point next week..dude look like a skinny santa clause with a shorter beard…next i went into me talking about my new truck…i discover i sound funny and i blame it on jimmy’s mic hahaha..then jimmy drops a bomb…HE DOESN’T EAT PUSSY!!!!!!!
Then i go into a  story about a baseball acutioning off a AR15…bring up the idea weather it was a political msg…they claim it’s not..question everything..i do love that they did it thou….next story carnivel and the trouble they are haveing 2nd ship to break down but thankfully this time they were docked…then i tell jimmy about kevins trip to vegas  well what i got from it.. sure it was more fun then i explained it…then i got into the break and plug the lady’s room show….
Segment 2
Shout out to @buzzardbob…  Fixxed my mic..duh..  we talk about the soda ban in new york…and how a judge decided it was not constitutional…i agree..then rollinwheel calls in and tell the story about how to tell how you know you are in a big truck…then he tells the story how i was given the name wheelbarrel…and well it stuck..hahhahahaha…then rollinwheel start to talk about me and started crackin on me..he does it all the time…then we start talking about jimmy not eating pussy…then we finsh talking about the soda ban and gave are opioion…then i went into the story about michael vick and how i disagree with shannon burke..i feel he should not have a dog..well atleast not the type of dog he got..and i played some clips on how michael vick contradicted himself….then i forget what kinda talk he got was a BELGIN MALINOIS..i read a story about how the internet providers are going to start chargeing yo for being on a peer to peer file sharing….go to break
Segment 3
we come back in and i say whats up to ryan the new guy in the studio …we started cracking on jimmy about not eating pussy….then we get to know him….we learn the phrase BUTT SLUT…we crack ou sex things then i tell a story about me going to the gay bar and getting to watch a group of lesbians have a orgy…we talked about how 3 somes can do for the most part back fire and the guy becomes the asshole…we talk about how bubba and burke are coming to st 590…then we talk about white trash parents..and how they abuse thier kids…then we talk about how st louis city schools want to make the kids wear a braclet that they can monitor…..
Segment 4
Ryan tells me how much of a stud my 21 yr old son he has girls all over him in the city lol….i don’t ever see it lol…Ryan tells about how Charlie walks in into a room with a chick dildoing her self….the wife walks in and bust me talking me talking about eating pussy..then tell a story about about a golfer falling in a sink hole while taking a shot…..then we talked about the newmatric fault opening up and the plate shifting…then it just goes crazy everywhere..the end