Sean Ras

Does the question confuse you? Do you ask how it is possible that the American people would want to continue war? What are the methods the elite use to keep us wanting war?

The video below shows a great example. In the first part of this video you see an “insurgent” planting an  IED on a road way on Nov 3, 2013. This video is said to be taken by an US Drone some where over Iraq or Afghanistan. Ok, makes sense, that is what your enemy does. They try to kill you. If China invaded the US, by our government standards, anyone who picked up arms and tried to defend there land would be an insurgent! All this so far makes sense, right?

Here is where it gets a little confusing. The second half of the video is time stamped 04 Nov 2010, the next day, at the very same  location. Now you would think that the video from the drone would have been red flagged, all units in the area notified, and removal teams sent in. Also makes sense, right? That is not what is seen in the video, what you see in the video is a US convoy move into the area and the vehicle destroyed. Then on the News, you are told that the enemy killed more US soldiers.

The death of these soldiers could have been prevented, but that would not perpetuate the hate and anger for people who are just trying to protect their land! It is time we bring our people home. It is time we get our own house in order!!