Hour 1

The Show opens with the common pleasantries how the week went ect.

The conversation turns to hemp (I know imagine that).  We hover around

UFO talk and area 51 and that it actually exist.  Stories about buying

a house that has a 12.6 million lean on the title, stories of rednecks

getting busted in Florida for making moonshine.  Joe talks about his

Ayahuasca experience and a Call in from Blind Lawrence A.K.K Blind Melon.


Hour 2

We discuss how FEMA is and the Gov’t is trying to screw the families

of the Arizona Firefighters families out of benefits, Joe finally has

his act together and brings up topics with Bob Lazar and Area 51 and

more UFO talk ensues.  The Keiser of Chem Trails calls in to say hi

and slightly mark out to Jesse.  Buzzy calls in to talk about ghost

butt sex.  5 ways dumb people try to look smart.


Hour 3

A very energetic and informative Interview with 505WhiteMic, Aimless banter after the interview

Fun was had by all.