Hour 1:
The show starts out with a discussion about Facebook. The pros, the cons, and the opinionated people that use it as a crutch. Then we dive into the Rick Flair topic of his son dying, which spins into wrestler promo talk. The ultimate warrior comes up in discussion, and joins us for the rest of the show. We dive into TV talk with Nathan Ryan from San Diego. He discusses the Walking Dead, Shameless, House of Flies, and other TV shows that he recommends. Shifty brings up Gordan Ramsay and Nate describes his personal experience in one of Gordan’s restaurants.
Hour 2:
Shifty and Joey touch back on Rick Flair and his son’s death with a parody song. The Ultimate Warrior chimes in and continues throughout the 2nd hour. Bill Gates is offering a heafty cash prize for whoever can create a “new age” condom. This turns the discussion into bacon condom talk. Christyn joins us for some condom chat. We finish the discussion with a bacon condom parody song. The football season is getting close. Shifty analyses all of the divisions in the league and gives his personal opinion on who is good and who is shit. We finish the show talking about the different riders of musicians. Some of them get really crazy, which proves to us how money can go to somebody’s head.