Hour 1:
We talk about an Amber alert that is out now. A man has kidnapped his kids from his mother in law. We discuss whether or not he was in the wrong for doing this, with little facts released on the story. Sean Ras joins us in discussion on the matter. Miss Cleo joins us throughout the show. Blind Lawrence calls in with wrestling and TV talk, and waits through the break to the second hour.
Hour 2:
We continue TV talk with BL and we dive into the Trey Vaughan Martin updates- his parent’s confidential money settlement. A homeless junkie left ammo on a school bus and Kathi calls in about an HMO yard epidemic, including statues. Nate calls in with more TV talk and Shifty and Nate give Joe show TV homework.
Hour 3:
Joey’s brother Mike calls in. We found out that X+ sizes in grey is called “manitee” We discuss a flight that was diverted over a PG-13 movie and Mike dives in to his relationship with his GF and their sexual relationship, and how open she is. Kathi calls back in on the relationship discussion and guy talk. We end the 3rd hour with Shifty calling the Yankee Ticket line and playing some 911 call audio.