Theme park prepares children for very real police state

Steve Watson
Jan 9, 2013

NBC reports that Disney World In Orlando, “The Most Magical Place On Earth”, is to implement wireless-RFID tracking wristbands for visitors, enabling theme park officials to collect information such as purchasing and riding patterns as well as location data.

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The report notes that the wristbands will be linked to customers’ names and credit-card information, and will function as room keys and park entry passes.

The Orwellian technology has been imaginatively packaged as “MyMagic+” – for the kids of course.

The New York Times suggested in a report on the development that Disney characters roaming the park could use the information transmitted by the wristbands to greet visiting children by name, and even wish them happy birthday if it was their birthday.

As NBC notes:

Some commenters on the StitchKingdom Disney fan site said they felt “a bit creeped out” and “not terribly comfortable with the idea” in response to an article on MyMagic+ posted in March.

Of course, such devices will fit right in at Disney World, along with the TSA style checkpoints at rides, the fingerprint readers at the turnstiles, the exhibits on how wonderful GMO agriculture is, and all manner of other disturbing projects implemented at Disney resorts.

The magical wristbands could keep track of how many kids enjoy the blatant acclimatization to troops on the streets of America that was recently revealed in Disney Land in Anaheim California, a focus of local protests last summer, where troops were deployed for real.

We have long warned that children are being acclimatized to a biometric society, and the surveillance ills that come with it. Such devices installed at Disney theme parks and other “magical” places, make it seem normal when the same kind of thing is implemented into schools.