by Austin Petersen

21 Feb 2014

BROOKLYN, NY – Two police officers are being accused of hitting Robert Jackson‘s car and then arresting him to cover it up. Surveillance footage shows police cars driving the wrong way down a street and sideswiping the SUV. Officers then exited their vehicles and appeared to search for cameras before arresting Jackson for destruction of city property.


Jackson claims he was sitting inside his legally parked car outside an apartment when the accident happened. “I was smiling, like, ‘How’d you run into me?’ ” he said. “Then the cop said, ‘Dude, you ran into me.’ I just wanted them to fix the damage and apologize, but it didn’t turn out that way,” Jackson said. “They were trying to cover it up. When they thought no cameras were on. I saw their gloves go on, and that’s when I was arrested,” Jackson said.