Hour 1

Waterhead took this week off as a result of working himself to the bone on math courses at College. Kieran Conway is the newest Facebook fan of the show. Lawrence’s AC went out, so he has a fan running by him during the show, he then runs a joke from Mitch Hedburg on the subject of fans. What games might be at E3? Lawrence explains who Mookie blaylock is, then runs his new bit “Mookie blaylock Driving Instructional DVD”. The guys talk about sterroids in baseball, one of Lawrence’s Uncles calls in. During the baseball conversation, Lawrence reads a tweet with some feedback concerning his bit. Buzzard Bob gets the guy’s laughing with his phone call. Lawrence explains the Evil Knevil soundboard from the Bubba the Love Sponge show. Recent dead celebrities. Food tossed around on an airline, the guys crack up at the reporter. Car company not answering to Congress. The guys talk about Dunkin Donuts’s new item, Scott from St. Lewis contributes. Bus driver fired for having compassion.

Break song – Heartless Bastards – The Mountain

Hour 2

The top five best scripted television shows. Waterhead checks in during his night out. Riot at an Elementary school. Woman sues United Airlines for a masturbating passenger. Blind Rage – Justin Bieber going to space, Sean and Scott weigh in on the topic. Kid stops robbers. James Holmes pleads insanity, this leads to a clip from May 10, 2013 where Four toed Jones talks about the conspiracy world. Pam Anderson commercial in the UK is banned. Lawrence runs a bunch of Catholic jokes he spliced together while Matt started up his computer. Five ridiculous reasons kids have been kicked out of school.