This week:

Hour 1

Waterhead is back after a week off, he then gives his thoughts concerning last week’s show. Lawrence’s air conditioner is working again. Ben Carsley is the newest fan of the show. Robb Revere calls the show as “Fred Coalman”, he then breaks character and says he loves the show. Video game news, Waterhead talks about XBOX and E3. contributor Salty calls into say he’s disappointed with XBOX. Sports news – Tebow going to New England, and audio of the hicago Blackhawks defeating the Kings. Lawrence points out the three bits he has for the evening, the guys suggest the Jaws Porno bit, which is played. Scott in St. Lewis, the guy who suggested the idea for the previous bit calls into say it was the best bit he’s ever heard. Matt suggests Lawrence upload bits to the podcast site for people to listen to. Waterhead reviews a local restaurant, thinks it was overpriced, he then goes on to talk about Jorge Sprave’s “Vegetable Wars”. Mentally ill man breaks into a house, deck collapses in Miami, Matt hates the puns. Man with eight month errection, the guys crack up at how the reporter describes the story. Man with fourteen wild animals, and chad Johnson sent to jail for patting his lawyer on the ass.

Break song – America – A Horse With No Name

Hour 2

Waterhead talks about doug Walker watching “The Last Air Bender”, he then talks about receiving a tweet from a wrestler, he then talks about the History Channel, he then goes on to talk about his Mom getting a promotion. Mel in Conneticutt calls into comment on a story the guys covered last week. Waterhead then reviews “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”. Lawrence then plays his two other bits for the night – “Ras Radio Live VS Rush Limbaugh” and “Justin Bieber Syndrome”. Audio concerning the Government monitoring phone calls. News clip concerning Edward Snowden. Waterhead found an article concerning the XBOX 1, Sean Ras calls in. Clip of “whitest kids You Know” talking about the NSA. Brian Williams footage edited to make it sound like he’s rapping – “Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing”, “Regulators” and “Straight Out of Compton”. Radio History – Phil Hendrie. Blind Rage – man with twenty-two kids, this leads to Lawrence playing a clip called “Who Is My Baby’s Daddy?”