This week:

Hour 1:

The first show on
The guys introduce themselves to the new audience.
Video game and wrestling news.
Three dead celebs.
Anthony Weiner.
Mentally Challenged kid taking a test.
Non vaccinated girl.
Waterhead struggles with the phones.
North Korea.
Waterhead reads comments from the show’s Facebook page.
The guys talk about radio.

Break – “Main Street” by Bob Seger.

Hour 2:

Matt explains the test the mentally challenged kid had to take.
Dogs becoming meat?
Topless protesters.
Blind Rage – KFC commercial, and the death of Shain Gandy.
The guys goof on the song “Accidental Racist”.
The Hakken family.
Soup that cures hangovers?
Lawrence plays a rap someone did with the Jaws For Windows software.
Radio history – Phil Hendrie.

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