The Ron Paul Peace and Prosperity Institute


No more wool over their eyes, Americans continue to demand answers from political leaders like Senator John McCain over the US “we have always been at war with Eastsaia” policy in the Middle East.

Witness this amazing video, in which Senator McCain settled in to what he expected to be a nice friendly townhall meeting about Obamacare. Soon he found himself confronted by a well-informed and angry constituent demanding to know why the Senator supports al-Qaeda in Syria.

The constituent denounced “any man who supports al-Qaeda, I don’t care if he is the president of the United States of the Senator from the great state of Arizona.”

The look on McCain’s face is priceless as he is forced to endure the anger of the “little people” who are expected to pay for the Senator’s career-long addiction to foreign adventurism.

McCain assured the crowd that the US does not arm or support al-Qaeda in Syria — but of course this is the same McCain whose trip to visit the Syrian “democratic opposition” ended up being a pajama party with a gang of ruthless kidnapping Islamists. People no longer believe foreign policy “expert” McCain. That is the good news story of the day!