JFK 50th Anniversary: Director amazed that anyone still believes Oswald acted alone

Paul Joseph Watson
November 6, 2013

With the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK approaching later this month, three-time Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone says that the Zapruder film was tampered with.

Appearing on Democracy Now, Stone said that the infamous Zupruder footage, which shows Kennedy being shot in the head from the front, was altered after it was seized by the CIA and the Secret Service.

“It was altered a bit I think – there’s a lot of evidence to that effect,” said Stone, who directed the 1991 blockbuster JFK.

In another interview with Huffington Post Live, Stone repeated the claim that the tape had been tampered with.

The Zapruder film wasn’t aired on network television until 1975, nearly 13 years after the assassination.

Although there were numerous eyewitnesses to the JFK assassination itself, many of them died under mysterious circumstances.

Between the winters of 1963 and 1967, 15 JFK assassination witnesses who’d been interviewed by the Warren Commission, Dallas Police, or the FBI died prematurely and in bizarre ways.

When an actuary calculated the odds of this occurring naturally, it came out at one hundred thousand trillion to one (100,000,000,000,000,000 to 1).

Expressing his amazement that some people still deny that there was a wider conspiracy behind the assassination of JFK, Stone explained how it was impossible for Kennedy to have been shot from only one direction.

“You see him essentially get a hit from the front, when he gets the hit from the front which is the 4th or the 5th or the 6th shot, he goes back and to the left, that’s the basic evidence,” said Stone, adding that many eyewitnesses at the hospital saw “a massive exit wound to the rear of his skull” but that the autopsy was manipulated because the doctors in charge had being ordered to patch up the back of Kennedy’s head by the military to hide the evidence.

Stone also touched upon the so-called “magic bullet” theory, presented by the Warren Commission, which attempted to explain how a single bullet could have caused seven different wounds in two people.

“It’s a farce and they got away with it because it’s a lot of mumbo jumbo,” said Stone, asserting that at least five shots were made. According to the official narrative, Lee Harvey Oswald only took three shots from the Texas Book Depository.

In addition, expert marksmen who have attempted to replicate Oswald’s shot, at a moving target through a tree, have failed to do so.

“Two teams of FBI experts tried to do it, plus CBS I believe and various other organizations, have tried to simulate that shooting in less than six seconds – it’s not possible,” said Stone, adding that there had to be at least one shooter from the front.