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Earlier today, Ron Paul filed an international UDRP complaint against and with WIPO, a global governing body that is an agency of the United Nations. The complaint calls on the agency to expropriate the two domain names from his supporters without compensation and hand them over to Ron Paul.

On May 1st, 2008 we launched a grassroots website at that became one of the most popular resources dedicated exclusively to Ron Paul and his ideas. Like thousands of fellow Ron Paul supporters, we put our lives on hold and invested 5 years of hard work into Ron Paul, and Ron Paul 2012. Looking back, we are very happy with what we were able to achieve with unlimited enthusiasm and limited financial resources.

Last month, after Ron Paul expressed regret on the Alex Jones show over not owning (in an interview titled “Ron Paul: The Internet Is Our Last Chance to Awaken America“), dozens of supporters urged us to contact Ron Paul to work out a deal.

We sent Ron Paul the following respectful offer [View/Download PDF File], explaining that we’d prefer to keep due to reasons explained in our letter.

At the same time we offered him as a free gift so we could keep using and he wouldn’t have to use something like

Our offer went on to explain that in case Ron Paul insisted on obtaining, we would prepare a complete liberty package consisting of and our mailing list of 170,000 liberty lovers.

The value we put on the deal was $250k; we are getting our mailing list appraised right now but we are confident it is easily worth more than $250k all by itself. Claims that we tried to sell Ron Paul “his name” for $250k or even $800k are completely untrue, and there is little doubt that our mailing list would have enabled Ron Paul to raise several million dollars for the liberty movement this year. It would have been a win/win/win situation for everyone involved.

Instead of responding to our offer, making a counter offer, or even accepting our FREE gift of, Ron Paul went to the United Nations and is trying to use its legal process related to domain name disputes to actively deport us from our domain names without compensation.

Below is a copy of Ron Paul’s complaint and our original offer to Ron Paul. We have 20 days to prepare a response and we are tentatively looking for a lawyer to represent us in this case.

Hopefully it won’t have to come to that!

What in the world is going on? Earlier this week we were hit in the face by Ron Paul’s entirely out-of-character anti-Chris Kyle tweet, and now Ron Paul, the Internet grassroots candidate, who was at the right place at the right time to lead the rEVOLution, attacks his own grassroots supporters through an agency of the United Nations to deport them from their own domain names after 5 years of nothing but unlimited, unconditional support on our part?

Back in 2007 we put our lives on hold for you, Ron, and we invested close to 10,000 hours of tears, sweat and hard work into this site at great personal sacrifice. We helped raise millions of dollars for you, we spread your message of liberty as far and wide as we possibly could, and we went out of our way to defend you against the unjustified attacks by your opponents. Now that your campaigns are over and you no longer need us, you want to take it all away – and send us off to a UN tribunal?

That’s not cool! We want our old pre-retirement Ron Paul back!

Ron Paul’s Complaint:
[View/Download PDF File]

[View/Download PDF File]

Our original offer to Ron Paul, sent on January 13, 2013:
[View/Download PDF File]

Below is what Ron Paul had to say about the United Nations while in office:

Those bureaucrats are not satisfied by meddling only in international disputes, however. The UN increasingly wants to influence our domestic environmental, trade, labor, tax, and gun laws. Its global planners fully intend to expand the UN into a true world government, complete with taxes, courts, and a standing army. This is not an alarmist statement; these facts are readily promoted on the UN’s own website. UN planners do not care about national sovereignty; in fact they are actively hostile to it. They correctly view it as an obstacle to their plans. They simply aren’t interested in our Constitution and republican form of government.

The choice is very clear: we either follow the Constitution or submit to UN global governance. American national sovereignty cannot survive if we allow our domestic laws to be crafted by an international body. This needs to be stated publicly more often. If we continue down the UN path, America as we know it will cease to exist.


Over the next few days we will post some of the numerous supportive comments made by Ron Paul’s staff over the years:

From: “Singleton, Norman” []
To: “” []
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 16:18:46 -0400

I like the site, thanks for all your doing

Norman Kirk Singleton
Legislative Director

Below is a thank you letter Ron and Carol Paul sent to a different supporter who is not associated with

Dear Rob,

Thanks very much for your recent note and the Revolution Car Badges. We will be proud to put them on our cars. Ron loved the fact that you were able to start a small business that gave you time to work for the cause of liberty. It is going to take all of us being involved to win this battle–but we will!

Ron speaks at Washington & Lee Univ. in VA this coming week–so the work is never done

Again many thanks from both of us,

Carol Paul
Ron Paul

Ron Paul loves liberty businesses as long as they remain small. When a liberty business becomes too successful – as in….

  • Top ranking Ron Paul site on the Internet
  • Message of liberty delivered to 6 million visitors and 30 million YouTube views over the past 2 years
  • Enthusiastic supporters working 7 days a week to maintain and update the website
  • Tens of thousands of pro-Ron Paul ads in the form of bumper stickers and t-shirts distributed all over the world
  • Liberty archive of Ron Paul’s writings, speeches and interviews, most of them fully transcribed
  • Millions of dollars raised for Ron Paul over the past 5 years

… well, then obviously you have to sic the United Nations on that business and try to tear it apart. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

We would have expected something very different from Ron Paul of all people!

Something like this…

Ron Paul: When [people] ask me personally and pin me down, “What should I do?” I tell them, “Do what you want to do, it’s up to you. Stay a Republican, be a Libertarian, be an Independent, be a teacher, even be a journalist”. You know, “Even be a journalist, do something, get on the internet.” But, first off, study hard, understand the issue, know what the freedom philosophy is all about, and why personal liberty is our salvation and not the destruction of mankind. Thank you. (4/10/2010 – Source)

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