April 12, 2013 — SALTYTALK!!

SaltyTalk had Lorie in studio tonight for the entire conversation/show!

Started off with Salty’s traffic problems. Baby-proofing issues and Loss of Toddler feet… A call-in from the Baby Salty (Jess) to explain why she had to spray WD-40 on my grandsons feet today…

We had a great call-in from Lawrence Ross of the “The Lawrence Ross Waterhead Show” … HUGE Thanks for the Call-In to Lawrence!!

Lexy-Ras did a quick and ever so lovely call-in just to express how sweet she is …

Salty’s college buddy (Chris the Hinkster ACEHOLE) FINALLY called in with his local Monsanto fiasco.

The proper balance of proteins in yo diet – Bitch!

Salty and Lorie talked the Hitler invasion of the United States.

And a whole helluva LOTS MO!!

Listen now or download for later – JUST LISTEN!!