SaltyTalk Weekend Warmup Feb 7th, 2014

I don’t post all of our show replays, and when I do, I seldom have a breakdown of the show. Mainly because THIS is the shortlist of bullet points of a TYPICAL day:

Jumping Fences
Thoughts of “The Breakfast Club”
Failed Hijacking
Olympics or Goofing off
Midget Basketball (mixed sports rules)
RasRadio/SaltyTalkRADIO Olympics
Wifi, Tat’s & BJ’s
10 Types of Friends To Dump
Scotty’s Shatner Voice
Long Socks
Trying on Boxer Shorts
Kill Switches on Cell Phones
Texting & Driving
Cars are Weapons that should be banned
Suggestions for New Government Laws (NOT!)
Road Head
Joeys Big Idea
Schedule Changes
Invasion of the Fishies? Asian Carp
Scotty & Joe Fight (Again)
Do we kill off non-native species?
Milf-Oil??? WHAT THE HELL??
Noodling vs Noodles