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There appears to be a break in the Sandy Hook case by a YouTuber who has managed to decipher one of the most critical pieces of evidence on the police audio recordings… this is great research and deserves full credit.

I believe people were massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, but the real question is, by who?

We have always known about this confrontation from the police audio, but it was unclear where this occurred, until now.  The video shows a map of where “Crestwood” is located… this is on the opposite the side of the school and in the opposite direction from where an unidentified person, or persons, were seen being chased in the woods by police in the helicopter footage.


Now the question is…

Will the inept mainstream media cover this new info and start asking some real questions?

Will the investigators explain exactly who was arrested and why they were let go?


2013.1.15 ‘They’re Coming At Me Down Crestwood, Up The Driveway On The Left Side’; Sandy Hook Police Radio Audio (HistoricalRecordsVLT, youtube.com):

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