Sodastream is a gadget that you can buy for your kitchen. This gadget will save you money on soda, and introduce you to a ton of flavors you may not have known were available. It allows you to fill a bottle with water, and then screw it into a larger device that has a small NO2 tank attached to the back of it. You spray some NO2 into the secured, attached bottle…and you suddenly have carbonated water. Once you have your carbonated water, you can put a couple ounces of soda syrup into your carbonated water. As you use the sodastream more you will find that you want to use more or less with particular sodas. You place the syrup into that bottle of carbonated water, close the top tightly, and then shake lightly until the soda is evenly distributed. You would then place the bottle into the refrigerator and wait until the soda is cold enough to enjoy!

This wonderful product can save you an amazing amount on the sodas you are drinking on a daily basis. Even if you are not currently a soda drinker, there are so many flavors to try with a sodastream, you might consider trying a new exotic flavor like Kiwi Strawberry Soda.

So there are all sorts of benefits here though. There’s the money you save on Soda. There’s also the environment that you save by not throwing away bottles. BUT there’s also this: There is a Energy drink Flavor for energy drink lovers. Eneergy drinks are a billion dollar industry, and now you can beat the cost directly from your home! Get your extra energy drink syrup when you buy your starter kit below.

What does a starter kit have in it?

Dynamo Deluxe soda maker with premium nickel accents
VALUE-SIZED carbonator to fizz up to 130L of soda
BONUS reusable carbonating bottles, BPA-free (2 x 1L capacity, 1 x half-liter capacity)
12-flavor sodamix Taste Sampler pack

For only $112.99 you can have a starter kit.