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(NaturalNews) With all the information coming out in recent years about geoengineering, or chemtrails, we must begin to ask ourselves certain questions about the impacts on our health, our food, and our planet. There are obvious human-health-related and planetary-ecosystem-related implications to being “crop-dusted” with heavy metals and chemicals daily. Let’s also ask ourselves an imperative question here: When we buy “organic” food, are we really buying what we think we’re buying (i.e. pure, nutrient dense food)?

Defining healthfully-grown food in the geoengineering era

Is the “organic” label really worth as much as years past, before heavy and daily geoengineering? Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides, which is good for us and for the planet. However, organic crops, like conventional crops, are grown in open fields under open sky. Since geoengineering occurs over nearly every country in the world, these so-called organic crops are indeed grown free of pesticides, but not free of the harmful heavy metals such aluminum and barium and the unknown pathogens in the aerosol that fall on them from the sky nearly every single day.

Geoengineering defined

What is geoengineering, and why is it so bad? Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is a climate modification program being conducted by major world powers. The program is executed is by spraying microscopic toxic metal aerosol particles into the atmosphere via the use of unmarked jet aircraft. This spraying occurs above all the continents, and has the stated goal of weather control and slowing global warming. Aluminum and barium, which comprise the particles in the spray, are highly toxic to living organisms and bio-regions. Stratospheric aerosol spraying also disturbs the hydrological cycle of the planet, shrinks the atmosphere, promotes the proliferation of fungi, drives species to extinction, fills the world’s oceans with toxic particulate heavy metals which disturb aquatic ecosystems, and destroys our planet’s ozone layer. In other words, stratospheric geoengineering is wrecking the planet and human and animal health.

Solutions at a crossroads

Clearly, the human race is at a crossroads. We must approach the problems we face by either eliminating the problem (chemtrail spraying or geoengineering) at the source, or find a work-around to bypass or at least partially sidestep the problem temporarily (greenhouse-grown organics). At best, however, any work-around solution is essentially just a stopgap. The problem itself must be addressed at the source if humanity and the planet’s ecosystems are to survive and thrive. That means that we must work together to address the chemtrail issue and get the spraying stopped if we are to have a future.

In the meantime, however, the food-related solution to this ongoing problem appears to simple in concept. If food is grown in an enclosed space, under cover, or in a greenhouse, it and the soil it’s grown in escape contamination from poisons from the sky. Food grown in this manner, in this era of stratospheric geoengineering, would truly be deserving of the organic label. Food grown in this manner would also be potent in mineral and nutrient content, as nature intended, and would provide real nourishment for body and soul.

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