Live from FEMA Region 4, TF52 kicked off the show debating whether the murder of Christopher Dorner was justified.  Vaccine issues were a heavy discussion as well, and their correlation with anti-depressants being pushed by big-pharma.   Towards the end of the first hour we heard from Frank Castle who gave us an update on how his album is coming along, be sure to check out to find out more on Castle.  In the second hour Mike Shaner with joined the show and touched on a multitude of things that have been on his mind from the Left/Right paradigm, to jury nullification, to the free market.  Blind Lawrence called in and weighed in on how his podcast was coming together and his thought on IO Studios.  SeanRas played an audio clip of Chris Geo going thru a checkpoint, which prompted the question,’would you comply is asked to nicely?’  Buzzy called in from the road to rattle on about NWO, buzzy shine, and why we’re heathens.  Agent66 and Frank Castle came back to wrap up the third hour discussing the 10 ways a libertarian society would be different.  Unfortunately, we got through just the reason number one, but we had fun non the less and covered a lot of ground.  Thanks again to all of our guests and listeners!! Voluntary