This episode with Sean Ras and Lexy Ras was joined by Kevin Harris with the Week-In-Review as co-host for the first time.  The Week-In-Review airs 6 to 10 PM EST every Sunday which will be joined by Shifty, Joe from Maine,  and Jessi this week.  The show started off with a call in from RobbStock and a hello from some of our favorites.  Sean covered a Bill known as SB63 which would allow for children to consent to vaccination without parental knowledge.  Late in the first hour Karma Tinfoil called in to discuss non-aggression principles and the man behind the curtain.  The second hour steered towards the idea that authority is breaking down social structures and Sean and Kevin debated over whether war creates jobs or is a racquet.   The group also talked about teaching our youth survival skills, vertical gardening, and self-sustaining homes.  You can find Karma through a multitude of resources like How to Hack the Human Brain on you tube or KarmaTrollSlayerTinFoil on FB, Youtube handle is KarmatheJedi1701.  In the third hour you will here a couple clips on border patrol stops or check-points and response as to how the group would react.  Not to mention spy drones, mainstream media, and BPA.  Thanks to all that tuned in!!