This weeks show with SeanRas, LexyRas, and FourToedJones was all about the people behind the problem.  From false flags to GMO crops to drones, the show got thick right from the first hour.  Shifty called in to update us on what he has up and coming, be sure to check him out right here from 7 to 9 every Saturday.  The second hour, TF52 was joined by Frank Castle with Heistclick to tell us about the up and coming sold out event,  Anarchy in NYC.  from there we discussed the likelihood of an upcoming false flag and speculated what it could be from dirty bombs to full blown biological terrorism.  The crew also touched on their pharmaceutical experiences and food allergies to GMO’s and flu shots.  In the third hour the show had a call in from Trucker Mike and took a different turn into something TF52 doesn’t often touch on, UFO’s and what we’ve seen.  Also, if you wanted to know anything about bit coins, Dave and Frank got into what it’s worth, what it’s backed by and how one can diversify all together.  Don’t forget to check out Frank Castle at musicbeforemoney, see you next week!