The First 52 crew was joined by Kevin Harris in this weeks episode as the show opened up talking about mainstream foods that contain mrsa , a contagious staph bacteria.  After Dave and Sean debated over the best way to utilize energy resources the conversation steered into the parents that kidnapped their children.   Bob Tuskin joined us in the second hour to talk about weighing your beliefs when it comes to parenting against the mainstream or governmental outlines of how they feel it should be.  Bob also played a couple clips from some call ins he had done with other talk radio shows.  In the third hour we had a call in from Blind Lawrence who joined us in the conversation of what many people see as a wedge issue, abortion.  Don’t miss the primier of LWRS with Lawerence,  Friday April 12th at 7pm. Salty also called in to tell us how his wee garden is coming along and also his up and coming show on rasradiolive.  Dave talked about his experience with mushrooms and of course as always mumbled about mix minus.  Thanks again to our guest and our callers, see you all next week!