This weeks episode with SeanRas and FourToedJones opened up with talks of Dave’s Saturday experience with mushrooms.  Also, Sean outlined the new schedule for RadioIO and Rasradiolive’s up and coming shows, check the schedule to see the new shows coming to our station.  Lexy’s husband played a clip of some audio with Joe Biden talking about the NWO as Dave correlated the mafia with our government.  In the second hour which turned into a third hour we were joined by Brad Friedman with the Brad Blog and started things off with pleasantries as Brad talked about the message he likes to get out that the mainstream media doesn’t report on.  We also discussed the fake market that is Oil, safety violations and fines, voter fraud and the First Amendment.  We had a call from Trucker Mike and things made a turn to gun hysteria and whether the government wants to take our guns fever is valid.  Gun control was a mainstay for the remainder of the show and can’t be missed.  Stay tuned for next weeks show as we will be bringing in a special guest while Dave has a good ol’ time in N.Y. , try and find him at Anarcy in NYC  if you’re up that way.  See you all next week.