On this episode of  The First 52, you will hear Sean open up the show with a rant about finding common ground with one another.  Dave of course gives us input on his voluntarism life style which spun off into a rant about government abilities.  Kevin Harris gives a quick call in and acted rather suspicious.  Dave breaks the news that Adam Kokesh had been arrested and charged with resisting arrest.  The group closed out the first hour discussing the importance of understanding our First Amendment.  Coming into the second hour we welcome back Frank Castle with Heistclick.  After Frank gives a little view point of the retardation of Government, Dave and Frank discuss what went on during Anarchy in N.Y.C and the fighting they are seeing within the movement.  Most importantly in the second hour TF52 got to break out the new release Hate Me for the first time, great song!! Scott Ledger calls in to talk about the experience of seeing community in radio, building the empire, and living an enjoyable life.  Skin Biscuts calls just before break basically to do what he always does and give everyone a hard time.  In the last hour Dave gives a little confession.  Lexy talks a little with Frank about product and food packaging.  We also discuss the importance of educating our kids about what’s really going on.  Another topic of conversation was distractions that about being thrown in our face and mind manipulation.  As always in the third hour, things went a little of the rails with Sean’s singing and The 3 Amigos.  At the end of the third hour Skin calls in and we find that he has given Dave verbal constipation.  So that’s that, see you all next week!