This is the one… Sean, Lexy, Dave, and Ferris all meet up in studio for Sean’s birthday.  The gentlemen give you a nice little intro to scotch and discuss neurological complications from alcohol.  Ferris gives us a little insight with what to expect with Monkey Snout Radio.  We get to hear some hypothetical theories from Dave for some reason.  In the second hour we have a couple callers, Kevin Harris talks about Monsanto.  Shifty and Buzzy also called in.  We also discuss Supply and Demand , and Free Enterprise Ferris.  We hear Joe from Naples call in to talk about his new co-host position on Week-In-Review.  The rest of the show a fully loaded homo-erotic love fest, filled with beat boxing, learning how to actually sit in a chair properly and just all around general lack of ability to make use of one’s basic motor skills.  So enjoy, from what we remember, it was some funny shit.

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