Sean, Lexy and Dave open up the first hour with a chat about probable cause and the Police State.  We had a call from Buzzy, and chatted about innocent loss of life and Buzzy suggests eliminating party lines.  Also, in the first hour, the group discussed accountability in law enforcement and human collateral.  Brad Friedman, with the Brad Blog joined us in the second hour to talk about FISA, Income tax, and the Fed Reserve.  Brad claims we must spend our way out of a recession, while Dave strongly disagrees.   Also, in the second hour we discussed public welfare, and how it is defined as well as the sequester.  Brad hung on through the third hour to give a little insight into PRISM.  Government secrecy seemed to be the name of the game as we dug up why it could ever make sense for the NSA to have direct access to large internet organizations’ metadata.  Sean also asked Brad about his thoughts on Bradley Manning and whether he felt the march on all 50 capitols is considered treason.  Is breaching your privacy in the interest of anti-terrorism enough justification for you?  Catch you all next week!!