Law enforcement was a major topic of conversation in the first hour.  Also, Department of Homeland Security claims they have a bullet shortage.  We also discuss the NSA admitting to listening to our phone calls without a warrant or even probable cause.  Frank Castle and Mr. Burns join us in the second hour to debut Mr. Burns’ new single ‘I’ve Been Searching’.  Frank Castle and Mr. Burns talk on non GMO foods coming in from Europe to Canada and the difficulty of finding healthy food options.  We also relate the decrease in median age of death to GMO, chemtrails, and vaccines.  Mr. Burns gives us further insight into what brought him to write his new single and how he views the world that our children are growing up in.  We get to hear the story of how Castle and Burns met.  You can find Castle and Mr. Burns on, also look for ‘I’ve Been Searching’ on This show went into after hours as everyone got a little casa del crazy, it was a fun night, lots of good laughs!!