In this episode , Sean, Lexy, and Dave start off the show talking about illness’, cancer, and treatment.  We talk about whether typically used cancer treatments are actually effective and the idea that the mind has the ability to heal the human body.  Also in the first hour we play a clip of a woman speaking out on abortion and being dragged away by law enforcement officers.  Towards the end of the first hour we listened live to the Zimmerman trial verdict.  Coming into the second hour became heated with talks of the racial divide and media control.  We discuss whether we feel the judicial system is accepted or even respected anymore.  Also, in this episode Sean and Dave talk chemtrails and humanoid resilient robots.  In the last hour you’ll get to hear fromt Frank Castle of  Heistclick along with Agent 66 who remain the whole hour to talk about their plans with International Heist Radio and their plans for their trip to Florida in September.  Stay tuned for next week!