The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Today found me in the mood to do some math.

After reading several headlines about the stock market futures and other related nonsense, including articles about the value of the US Dollar vs every other digital, fictional form of currency, I decided to do a couple simple comparisons.

Firstly, I wanted to see purchase power / value of today’s “dollar” vs the dollar from 1950. The data is extrapolated from information attainable at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is what I found:

Well, after seeing this little peccadillo — I decided to have a look at minimum wage progression from 1950 till the present and how the corresponding values compare. This is about the time my jaw dropped.


So, basically, while Wall Street is amassing more and more — the common man has been receiving the same pittance for more than half a century. And, when purchase power is considered, would need 9.48 times more to live with the same level of financial comfort as someone from 1950.

This smacks of — somebody out there is keeping more than their share …

No, that isn’t a comment or suggestion that that the freebie line should be open. It is simply a musing. Perhaps, just perhaps, the people who DO THE WORK should have an appropriate and commensurate share of the benefits. A suite and tie, a big office, a huge salary and golden parachute does not mean you have done the most work. It means that you have been entrusted with the honor of ensuring all of those within your team receive proper compensation. Bottom line there Big Dawg – without them, you ain’t SHIT …

Now, plant some seeds, grow a garden!

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