I watched this video and tears, ACTUAL tears came to my eye’s! This is not the reason I enlisted in the military and served my time! We all have to watch and understand the video below! This is not America, this is not what they “say” our troops are fighting for! When do we get put into FEMA camps? They don’t need to, they have made our country one big one! How much longer will this go on before that whole train platform stands up for the rights of an individual?


PHILADELPHIA, PA — Five members of The Panic Hour were followed into the City Hall rail station in Center City Philadelphia. Kyle Prouty was illegally searched and detained by SEPTA police officer Nicole Lawson at 3:20pm on 5/20/13. Kyle was charged with “disorderly conduct” “obstructing a highway and other public passage” and “resisting arrest”. The people in this video had just left an arraignment hearing for Adam Kokesh and Nikki Allen Poe who were kidnapped from a peaceful marijuana rally on 5/18/13. They are currently being held illegally in Federal Detention at the Federal Detention Center 700 arch street Philadelphia Pennsylvania.