SaltyTalk, January 22, 2013

Unemployed Citizens of America hold the key to crushing/curbing Monsanto and and begin to regain our liberty.


“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” -Henry Kissinger


The current number of unemployed that are actually being counted on the books is floating around 12.2 Million ( ) (the number is easily double that and everyone knows it). Imagine if everyone receiving an unemployment check took even as little $3 from each their checks and purchased 2 or 3 packets of fruit/vegetable/grain seeds. Then, they planted all of those seeds and spent a portion of their day, while on unemployment, tending their new garden.


Some people live in high population density environments and would be limited to what they could grow on their kitchen window sill. Others, living in single family homes have an average of around 1/4 acre, if not significantly MORE, at their disposal.


A true living value could and WOULD be created and accumulated. Simple bartering of fruits and vegetables within communities. To seek variety in your food, trade with your neighbor who grows something different than you. Creating a self sustaining, ACTUALIZED LIVING.


The financial impact to the world dominance of our food controllers could be significant. The health impact on the citizenry would be immeasurable.


Imagine if you will, upwards of 20+ Million American patriots growing food for their communities.


Not to go all John Lennon, but, something imagined and realized of that simple magnitude could cause one hell of a global stir.


The fact of the matter is – it IS possible. With not much more than the cost of a couple 99 cent McDonald’s Value Menu Double Cheeseburgers invested by each — the unemployed could change the world …


Don’t ever discount the downtrodden. More often than not, they hold great power.

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