People offer their opinions on the “news”
October 14, 2013

California beach goers offer their viewpoints to social analyst Mark Dice after he tells them that Mount Rushmore has been sold to real estate developers to pay off government debt among other fake news.

“The reason I see them [the government] doing that is to drill more oil,” says one respondent.

Another person agreed that the government should sell off its assets to pay debt.

“I don’t think Mt. Rushmore was probably the best sales purchase,” he said. “Maybe they should have sold some parks in D.C. or something.”

Although Mt. Rushmore is safe for now, the United States has actually been selling off assets to foreign investors for years.

Factories, real estate and even entire companies have been sold to countries such as China in an attempt to offset the American trade deficit – for now.

As America buys more goods than it sells, spending more money than it earns internationally, China will continue to buy up American assets to help fund U.S. spending until America is exhausted and China owns everything.