Week In Review
We Start up with the show with 4 co hosts and myself . Angela, 
Scott in St.Louis, Brandon in studio and the researcher to the 

Starts Michelle who don't say shit. As well as Lexy Ras 
who Joins us in the 3rd hour.

We Start the show out with a lengthy discussion about
United States Police agencies having trouble getting Ammo due
 to the DHS (Department Of Homeland Security) buying over 1.6 
Billion rounds of ammo.

Into hours 2 and 3 we segue into New york state offering 
a $500.00 reward for informing on their neighbors for owning 
a Illegal Firearms.  
The show continues on with heated discussion 
on both of these topics for the whole 3 hours.  

We get calls from Buzzard Bob, and In the middle of all the 
chaos we spend 45 Minutes With Matt G Mill talking about 
Linkin Park and other Bands and the Premondonna Band Members
Allegedly from Disturbed.