This Sundays show started with Power/Computers being bitchy. #BlueScreenOfDeath.

Ferris from #MonkeySnoutRadio Joined the show for the first hour or so to help out.

Blind Lawrence called in (As Usual) and we got talking about Hip Hop music, drooling morons

better known as Rush limbaugh and Zombies the tri-fecta as it were.

Joe showed up a lil late, and we got into the hot topic of Trayvon Martin.

We touched on Edward Snowden & Adam Kokesh on the topics of Privacy & Racism.

We moved on to music talk and Ranting about healthy foods & Cell Phone talk and Politics.

Wes Woodie from Http:// & Calls in to talk politics and term limits

Blind Lawrence alegdes the benefits of Medical marijuna as Frank Castle from Heistclick calls in

and rolls a blunt. We talk about frank music and weed. Briefly touching on the Faux Paux that was the

Reporting of the Asiana Flight that crashed in California and the Intern that put in the Fake names

of the crew.