Hour 1


The show opened with talk about the IRS (Steve’s fault entirely),


which progressed into NDAA Infinite Detention and how much some people


think the Govt. Sucks.  We progressed into talk about Ron Paul/Gary Johnson


and how they would have possibly fixed the economy (or not) for our great country.


Blind Lawrence called in and announced his special guest coming up this Friday Sarah Slamen


from the Youtube fame for telling off the Texas Legislature (Rightfully so might I add).


Financial talk continues and it does not take long before Four Toed Calls in to talk about


Money and Honduras, more conversation about bringing the troops home all at once VS over time


and some talk about Jessica’s law.


Hour 2


We started talking about the common sense idea it is for Matt Sandusky to change his name.


We bring up President Lincoln and how much of an asshole he was and the Obama resemblances.


A Colorado town issues bounty’s on Drones over there town. (Deer Trail Colorado).


Albuquerque Cop shoots a co-worker in the leg on accident.


and we finish off the hour talking about a Naked Burglary Suspect caught breaking into a house


in Oklahoma City.


Hour 3


Buzzy calls in chastising the crew for making what he thought was anti cop/soldier remarks


we get into the douche bag of the week, and we kind of get into religious talk as


Joe in Naples has extensive knowledge of religion and Hebrew (never took flying lessons move along folks)


We touch on a story of boys wearing Skirts at a school in protest of the no short policy


and close out the night with a Delco Philadelphia man getting a $92 Quadrillion Pay Pal credit.